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Plugin structure

Plugin naming

The structure of a GPTEngine plugin begins with its name.
Every plugin must have an user friendly name and a system name.
The system name (lets call it shortname) must be a lowercase alphanumeric string (16 characters max) that uniquely identifies your plugin within your system (the name libs is reserved and must not be used), while the user friendly name -- 24 characters max -- (lets call it displayname) is the way your plugin will be identified by users (administrators).

Folder structure

A (installable) plugin file is simply a tar compressed folder (whose contents will be discussed below) which is later renamed by changing the tar extension to gptl. The resulting file name, as the name of the original uncompressed folder, must be your plugin's shortname.

shortname (folder)shortname.tarshortname.gptl

The contents of a minimal working plugin folder should be as described below:

plugin folder structure

For the sake of organization, any other files should be placed into categorized folders, like php for PHP code, html for static pages, jscript for JavaScript files, etc.

Page types

The GPTEngine's plugin API enables seamless integration of your plugin content into your admin and CMS site.
The different types of plugin rendered pages are: For a list of available plugin functions and usability, refer to PHP plugin API.
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