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Performance, stability and security

As GPTEngine is a compiled piece of software, not a script, it is highly optimized for performance, memory usage, disk access and operating system compatibility without hurting your server's resources. Since GPT sites are very dynamic by nature, care must be taken when configuring and using your program to prevent server performance issues.

This piece of software has been exhaustively tested for superior quality and no stability issues have been found.
Make sure GPTEngine is installed in a supported hardware environment.

GPTEngine's development follows strict security models to make sure your program is protected against malicious attacks and fraudulent users. A configurable anti-cheat system guarantees the integrity of your GPT program.

GPTEngine is fully compatible with SSL by default, no extra configuration is required. If you have a working SSL certificate installed on your site, you may access your site via https like https://<yoursite> or https://<yoursite>/gptengine to protect your connection against middle-man attacks.

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