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Members payouts

Here you can manage your members' payouts.

Listing payouts

To get a list of requested members payouts for a given month, check List payouts, select your listing criteria (request status, payment method and mass pay file), the requesting time (month/year), the ordering options and click on List.
For performance reasons, results will be limited to 250 at a time.
Results will include requesting time, member id, payout value, payment method, the mas pay file to which each payout belongs and the request status.
Depending on what the request status is, you can manually set a payout as processing ( processing ), confirmed ( apply ) or rejected ( rejected ).
Click on mass pay to include the payout in a mass pay file of your choice.
To view the member's payment information click on the pay info icon.
You can change the status of multiple requests by checking the payouts you want to change (or by clicking on Select/deselect all), selecting the new request status from the Change the status of selected payouts to menu and clicking on the button Change.
To include multiple payouts in a mass pay file, check the payouts you want, select the mass pay file from the menu Include selected payouts in mass pay file and click on button Include.

Downloading payouts

To download payouts to a file, check Download payouts to a file, select your listing criteria (request status, payment method and mass pay file), the requesting time (month/year), the ordering options and click on Download.
The resulting file is a csv document that can be opened by a spreadsheet program like MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

Mass pay files

Mass pay files are a batch of payouts contained in a single file to be processed at once by a given payment method.
By default, GPTEngine has support for PayPal and Skrill (Moneybookers) mass pay files (if you need to work with a mass pay system not supported by default by GPTEngine, simply download your payouts to a file -- see Downloading payouts above -- so you can produce a working mass pay file for your payment method).
PayPal mass pay files can be downloaded or conveniently submitted with a click of a button. Skrill (Moneybookers) mass pay files can be downloaded only.
The list of your mass pay files includes the file name, creation time, payment processor type and processing status (submitted or unsubmitted).
To download an unsubmitted mass pay file, click on download.
Click on submit mass pay to automatically process (submit) an unsubmitted mass pay file (PayPal only).
To manually set an unsubmitted mass pay file as submitted, click on submitted.
To create a mass pay file, simple choose the payment method from the menu Pay method and click on the button Create.
Payouts submitted via a mass pay file to PayPal have their processing status updated automatically by GPTEngine.
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