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CMS Snippet System

In order to efficiently bring dynamic content via CMS, GPTEngine makes use of a built-in snippets system.
Snippets are small pieces of reusable code that output dynamic information or execute a run-time specific task.

For example, a piece of content setup like this on CMS:

Your IP address is: [?_ip_address_?]

Should be rendered on your website as something like:

Your IP address is:

GPTEngine snippet format is [?_snippet_name(arg1;arg2;...)_?].

Please note that:

GPTEngine snippets may be entered/edited in the CMS editor by direct typing or by clicking on the icon (snippets may be also used in the template source).

Take care of not abusing the snippet usage to avoid performance degradation.

For a list of available GPTEngine snippets, refer to the snippets reference.

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