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Admin Home

Once logged in the admin site, you will be presented with a list of administrative icons/links, separated by category, which allows you to view and manipulate settings, statistics and controls of your GPT program.

On the upper section of the admin you see your program's name, the administrator's name and email address and the time of the last login. If you haven't registered your copy of GPTEngine yet, a registration link will be shown.

A quick symmary table will display some recent information about your GPT program as the total number of members/advertisers, number of unread incoming messages, total number of GPT packages sales and the total number of payout requests. An event ticker will display the last activities of your program in almost realtime. Please note that some information may not show on the admin site in smaller displays like some models of cell phones.

For a more detailed information about your program activity, proceed to the admin section that corresponds to the information that you want, for example, go to Members to get information about a specific member, or go to PTSU to get a complete report about a specific PTSU campaign.

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