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GPTEngine End User Documentation

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About this documentation

This is the official end user documentation for GPTEngine.
It is meant to be a concise but quite complete resource for end users who are looking for information on getting, installing and using GPTEngine as well for developers interested in creating add-on content and functionality for the GPTEngine software (by end users we mean the administrator of your GPT website/program, not its final users). This is not meant to be an exhaustive source of information on how to use a GPT software neither provides directions on how to setup and configure your Web server.

This documentation does not include any technical information used internally by the developers of GPTEngine.

Kindly note the copyright notice before making use of the information provided with this documentation or applying the therein described products.

This documentation may be accessed from: We at popux really hope that this documentation helps you in making GPTEngine a powerful tool for your business.
© 2015 by popux. All rights reserved.