GPTEngine 3

Much more than a GPT script

GPTEngine™ (Get Paid To Engine) is a ready-to-go self-hosted GPT program with integrated CMS out of the box. From a simple pay per click program to a sophisticated paid advertising service, GPTEngine will bring your online business to the next level with a powerful back-office tools system and a completely CMS driven website. No scripts to mess with — just point and click.

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A GPT solution like no other

All the tools needed to create, run and maintain your GPT program in a single product. It's not just a GPT script, but a CMS platform, a mass mailer application, a paid advertising platform, a PTC script, a PPC (Pay Per Click) / PPA (Pay Per Action) system and many other utilities for the price of one.


Relevant paid advertising. GPT types include paid clicks, surveys, offers, email campaigns, reviews and much more.


Easily create, edit, delete or customize your front-end pages with our WYSIWYG editor. No need to touch the source code.


Separate dynamic pages and account system for advertisers and end users are served by our exclusive CMS tool.


Fine-tune your GPT program configuration with a powerful back-office website. No files to edit, just point and click.


GPTEngine CGI files are optimized to extract the best performance of your server without hogging resources.


From members payment requests to advertisers purchases processing, many tasks are done automatically.


With our exclusive API, you, or your programmers, can easily deploy add-ons or plugins for your GPT program.


Track every event that happens on your GPT program as they happen in real time. From clicks to financial reports.